Notice Board

SRGS, SECTOR-9A, celebrated Singing, Dancing, Flameless Cooking, and Fancy Dress at “Inter School Competition”, with other schools on the theme of Christmas today on the 21st of December 2017, i.e. Thursday. It was such a beautiful collaboration of aesthetic and artistic colours that it mesmerized the whole environment with music, moves and cheers. Kids performed magically and it was so great to watch them on board with smiles and confidence that was terrifically brilliant. Fancy dress was so wonderfully initiated and characters made the entire Jewish era come alive. Dancing on the beats of Jingle bells and Santa’s sleigh was fantastic; kids were perfect with their moves and grooves. Flameless cooking was unbelievable and it reflected the confidence and creativity of these lil ones with so much skill, patience and perseverance, what they created individually, their dishes related to the theme and it all came out with splendid perfection. It was a wonderful association and a great show over and above all.