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Inspiration is what you exhibit , resource is what you bequeath with , faith is what your being depicts and learning is what your life reveals….salute to all the Teachers who stood by one single aim……..let the light of wisdom brighten the corners of ignorance …..Happy Teachers Day……. SRGS, Sec-9A, celebrated Teacher’s Day with an auspicious start of devoting tribute to the Goddess of Wisdom, then the fragrance of worship travelled to the venue of our Hawan which was such a moment of veneration with the chanting of mantras and the offerings of panchtatav and it made the entire environment so potent with sanctity. After the blessings of the Goddess of Wisdom, it was a Rangarang Program prepared by the team of SRGS Teachers and it was so exciting to watch over their skills and hidden talents which came out in form of Mimicry, Dances, Songs and beautiful Skit…… It was a tempting mouth watering feast in the end which was thoroughly enjoyed not only by the teachers but also by the Director of the school and all our Didi’s and other support staff . Day ended with a beautiful Token of Love gifted by the director of the school, Ms.Simran Singh to all her staff…… It was indeed a beautiful day which will always stay as a refreshing memory in our minds. Regards, Meenakshi Emmanuel Principal