Notice Board

The enthusiastic team of Shri Ram Global School, Sector-9A was all geared up for the Evening Viesta with the crowd of sector-4 market with their Counseling session, fun with activities and meeting and inviting the crowd for their upcoming “BOOK- CARNIVAL”…. It was a successful roundabout and parents were warm in their interactions and kids had fun playing and getting goodies with Shri Ram Team. An under the blue horizon event was great and it was an initiative where not only the Principal, HOD, Admission Councilor but also the Owners and Directors of Shri Ram Global School, sec-9a, Mr and Mrs. Deepak Singh, were warmly present and contributing in interactions and spreading the message of intellectualism and events to the crowd….. Shri Ram Global Team was the rainbow for the sec-4 after the cool monsoon hits.